Advertising Policy

The Borough of Pottstown and Pottstown Area Rapid Transit (PART) is a publicly owned, privately operated transit system providing an important and viable public transportation option in the greater Pottstown region. The Borough’s mission for PART is to provide, “safe, affordable, and reliable quality transportation service in the Borough of Pottstown and surrounding region.”

The Borough oversees transit operations, including advertisement on transit buses. The following policy has been adopted for transit advertising.

PART expects that all advertising is truthful. The advertisement shall not be false, misleading, deceptive, or libelous. Advertising that does not comply with the minimum standards set forth below will be rejected.

The following will not be accepted:

  • Advertising that includes language, pictures, or other graphic representations that are unsuitable for exposure to persons of a young age or immature judgment, of a sexual nature, or shall be derogatory or defamatory of any person or group because of race, color, national origin, ethnic background, age, disability, marital or parental status, religion, gender, or sexual preference
  • Advertising that relates to an illegal activity, or proposes a commercial transaction that is prohibited by local, State, or Federal law
  • Advertising of alcohol or tobacco products
  • Advertising depicting violence
  • Political or political issue advertising
  • Advertising pertaining to religious institutions or promoting religious views
  • Advertising pertaining to human reproduction
  • Advertising that explicitly promotes or encourages the use of means of transportation in direct competition with PART
  • Advertising that denigrates PART, its operations, or its employees
  • Advertising that state or imply PART services are anything but safe, reliable, and economical
  • Advertising that PART believes is inconsistent with PART’s public image or inappropriate for use in public transportation
  • Advertising that directly benefits any official or employee of PART

PART will not knowingly print or publish any advertisement that violates a law or that is defamatory to any person or organization.

Each advertiser shall indemnify and hold harmless PART and its employees from any and all claims, demands, liabilities, or causes of action of any kind as a result of the advertisement.

By accepting any material, art, or copy for advertising under this policy, PART does not endorse the product or service, or agree with the message conveyed. Advertisers are solely responsible for the content of their material. Advertisers must acknowledge and agree to the terms of this policy.

PART reserves the right to refuse any advertisement for reasons other than those set forth in the policy which are deemed to be in the best interest of PART.

December 2015

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