Fares & Rider Info

Exact Fare Policy

Drivers can no longer make change for passengers. Have your exact fare ready and deposit exact change in the fare box when boarding the bus.



Fares shown are for one-way travel.

  • Adult
  • Student
    Including college, must show valid Student ID
  • Disabled/Medicare Card User
    Must show valid Half-Fare card*
  • Seniors
    65 years or older, must show valid Transit ID or Medicare Card**
  • Transfer
  • Paratransit
  • Each Additional Child Under Fare Box Height
    Two Children under fare box height can ride free with one full-fare paying adult. Each additional child under fare box height is $0.25

*To qualify for the half-fare rate, disabled riders must present a valid Pennsylvania Reduced-Fare Transit ID Card. For information on obtaining a Card, stop by Pottstown Borough Hall, 100 E. High Street, 3rd floor, 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on weekdays or call 610-970-6512.

**To be eligible for the Pennsylvania Senior Citizen Free Transit Program, senior citizens must register with PART staff to obtain a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ID Card by bringing approved proof of age to PART’s office. An application will be completed and the ID Card issued. For more information, stop by Pottstown Borough Hall, 100 E. High Street, 3rd floor, 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on weekdays or call 610-970-6512.

Multi-Ride & Round Trip Passes
Full-Fare, Half-Fare, and Transfer
  • NOTE: Multi-Ride & Roundtrip Passes
    must be purchased in the Finance Department at Borough Hall
  • Full Fare Multi-Ride
  • Half Fare Multi-Ride
  • Transfer Multi-Ride
  • Full Fare Round Trip
  • Half Fare Round Trip
  • Transfer Round Trip


A transfer can be used to make a trip that requires the use of two PART bus routes. They are valid for only 90 minutes from the time of purchase, and should be purchased when paying your fare.

Transfers are issued for continuing one-way travel and are limited to one per trip. Transfers cannot be used to make a round-trip on the same route. When using a Transfer, present it to the driver for inspection before placing it in the fare box. Transfers can be made at the following three locations:

  • Charles W. Dickinson Transportation Center
  • North End Shopping Center
  • Sanatoga Village Shopping Center

Passengers transferring from SEPTA Route 93 must present a valid, Yellow Transfer, with the correct date and route punched. Other SEPTA transfers and fare instruments (such as Tokens, TransPasses or TrailPasses) are NOT valid on PART buses.


At select route stops, PART buses accept and drop off passengers at multiple locations near the route stops. Click here for more information.


In addition to operating five bus routes, a special curb-to-curb service is offered for those persons who have a disability and are unable to ride the bus. Call PART at 610-326-5413 for information on how to become eligible to use this service.


PART does not operate on Sunday or on major holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Please contact PART if you have any questions or require more information.