Pottstown Area Rapid Transit operates Monday through Saturday.

Our schedules and route maps can help you plan your trip. Our schedules will make sure that you don’t miss your ride and that you get where you need to be at the time you need to be there. And now, they are just one simple click away.

Service Change:

Effective IMMEDIATELY, PART will only stop at Walmart while in the Pottstown Center Lot. We have been advised by the Leasing Company of Pottstown Center that we are not allowed to pick up passengers along the sidewalk in Pottstown Center.

Riders will be asked to stand near the garden center at Walmart. This is the only stop PART will make while in Pottstown Center. The bus will leave the shopping center after stopping at Walmart and will not continue past the other stores.

PART will work to inform all customers before the change is effective on Monday, February 29th 2016.